Window Phone 7下週升級芒果

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Microsoft 將會於於下週24/5 VIP events發表Windows Phone 7.5 ,所謂的"芒果"。

其實網上傳聞及微軟自己已經發表了不少此版本的資料,最重要的有IE9 in WP7, 多工處理,更多api等等。



  • Outlook Conversation View – Emails combined together in threads
  • Lync Messaging Client – Enterprise messaging client
  • Twitter integration – Tweets integration into people hub
  • Office 365 integration – Office 365 features built-in
  • Bing Vision – Scan QR, Microsoft Tags, books, CDs and DVDs
  • Bing Audio – Similar to Shazam, will identify songs
  • Windows Live Messenger integration – Integrated into the people hub and messaging hub
  • Facebook Chat integration – Integrated into the people hub and messaging hub
  • AOL Messenger integration – Integrated into the people hub and messaging hub
  • Contacts grouping – Create groups of contacts to send messages to
  • Xbox LIVE sync function – Sync function to likely sync settings/games across devices
  • Now playing artist information on lock screen – album art on the lock screen
  • Visual Voicemail support – Visual voicemail using same method as iOS/Android
  • Network awareness NCSI support – improvements for switching between networks/optimization
  • Internet Explorer 9 mobile – HTML5 support and hardware acceleration
  • Multitasking support – switch quickly between apps
  • Fast application resume – quickly resume recently used apps
  • Podcast support – download podcasts via the Marketplace
  • Turn-by-turn navigation in Bing Maps – voice guided directions and turn-by-turn
  • SMS dictation – Microsoft tellme dictates messages
  • East Asian Language keyboard support – additional language support
  • Handwriting and dictionary support – support for writing Chinese characters
  • Pin Outlook Folders – Pin folders as favorites inside Outlook
  • SkyDrive integration – Access SkyDrive documents from Office Hub
  • Kinect support for games – interact with Kinect and Xbox games from Windows Phone
  • Outlook email server search – search Exchange servers from Outlook client
  • Complex (alpha-numeric) password support – strong number and character password support
  • Information Rights Management – support for protecting e-mails and Office documents
  • Ringtone support – third party ringtone support
  • App list – automatically detect list, implemented jump list and search for apps
  • Marketplace search improvements – apps, podcasts, music separated for easy search
  • App install improvements – progress bar install UI
  • Search extras – User search actions can be connected to third-party apps
  • Motion Sensor – apps to use new gyroscope hardware
  • Background audio – apps can run audio in the background
  • File download service – third-party apps can download files from the web
  • Alarms – alarm notifications for third-party apps
  • Pin app features – Users can pin live tiles of deep app features in third-party apps
  • Zune Smart DJ mix – allows users to discover new music and save/create playlists
  • Camera sound toggle – users can now disable the camera shutter sound
  • WiFi improvements – support for hidden SSID networks

PS. 筆者非常其待!!!因為我正使用HTC HD7 =]



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